Have you made your plans for the Labor Day weekend yet?  Perhaps you might want to make a trip to a place where you and your family can not just savor the holiday but also learn about the real lifestyles of the rich and famous titans who had a great impact on the labor movement during their heyday.  You can do all that and more when you take a trip to visit the Biltmore Estate; the mansion of the Vanderbilt family located just outside of Asheville, NC.  Not only will you get to admire the home and interior of a great residence built to emulate the castles of Europe, but you also learn how the owners greatly influenced the upper crust of American culture and society during the Golden Age.

biltmore estateYou can schedule a visit to the Biltmore Estate now for a discount of up to 20% off the regular rates when using a Groupon coupon or promo code.  And Biltmore is currently offering special discounts for those who order advance tickets to visit during the Labor Day weekend.  If you make reservations now you can use the Groupon coupon to buy reduced rate admissions at a substantial discount.  And since Labor Day is near the height of the season, people will truly enjoy the gardens, the world-famous winery as well as the mountains that surround the estate.  Visitors will find there’s much to learn about the impacts the owners of the estate had upon the preservation of the environment around them.  For example, the owners of the estate were instrumental in the establishment of the Pisgah National Forest that lies nearby.  And that national forest has been the prototype for many other national forests that followed in other areas in the nation.

The history of the Biltmore’s construction and development is also a fascinating subject; one that gives us an awareness of the factors that influenced decisions made by the builders of the estate as well as those who governed the state and nation at that time.  And many will be fascinated by the lifestyles, dress, and activities of people who resided in the Estate.  A visit is an entertaining trip and educational experience.  It will give an interesting peek behind the lace curtains and velvet drapes of the people that drove our society and influenced our national character at the dawn of the 20th century.